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UK Visas Fees

Different UK Visas' Fees 2024

Updated Information on Visa Fees on Different Types of the UK Visas

UK Visa Pro stands out as a go-to resource for the most updated information on UK Visa Fees, catering to a wide range of visa categories. Their comprehensive listing, as seen on their website, is meticulously organized and regularly updated, ensuring that applicants have access to the latest fee structures. This is especially crucial given that UK visa fees can vary significantly based on the type of visa, the duration of stay, and whether the application is made from within or outside the UK.

The detailed list on UK Visa Pro includes fees for various visa categories like Standard Visitor, Student, Work, and Family Visas, among others. Each category is clearly laid out with precise fee amounts, making it easy for applicants to find the information relevant to their specific needs. This level of detail and organization demonstrates UK Visa Pro’s commitment to providing up-to-date and accurate information, which is essential for efficient planning and budgeting of visa applications.

Moreover, UK Visa Pro’s user-friendly website design enhances the ease with which applicants can navigate through different visa categories and their respective fees. This accessibility is a significant advantage for users who may be overwhelmed by the complexity of visa applications and fee structures. By offering such streamlined and current information, UK Visa Pro establishes itself as a reliable and valuable resource for anyone needing to understand UK Visa Fees comprehensively.

UK Visa Fees - Visas by Alphabetical Order

Below is the first part of the visa fees list for the UK as of 4 October 2023 for visas and applications made outside the UK:
  1. Approval letter for Global Talent initial application: £524
  2. Approval letter for Global Talent: £524
  3. Call out/ out of hours fee (per hour/part hour) – service of consular officers: £142​1​.
  4. Certificate of Entitlement Nationality Right of Abode (outside the UK): £388
  5. Child Student: £490
  6. Electronic Visa Waiver: £30
  7. Endorsement fee under Innovator Founder route: £1,000
  8. Endorsement fee under Innovator Founder route: £1,000
  9. Expedited processing – Priority service: £500
  10. Fast Track – Heathrow: £5.20
  11. Fast Track – Other ports of entry: £3.00
  12. Global Business Mobility – Senior or Specialist Worker (over 3 years): £1,420
  13. Global Business Mobility – Senior or Specialist Worker (up to 3 years): £719
  14. Global Business Mobility – Various other categories: £298
  15. Global Talent – dependants only: £716
  16. Global Talent – main applicant (Approval Letter not required): £716
  17. Global Talent – main applicant (Approval Letter required): £192
  18. Global Talent – Various categories: Ranges from £192 to £716
  19. Graduate Route: £822
  20. High Potential Individual: £822
  21. Hong Kong British National (Overseas) for 30 months – main applicant and dependants: £180
  22. Hong Kong British National (Overseas) for 5 years – main applicant and dependants: £250
  23. Indefinite leave to enter the UK as a dependant of a member of the armed forces: £2,885
  24. Indefinite leave to enter the UK as a foreign or Commonwealth citizen discharged from HM Forces: £2,885
  25. Innovator Founder – main applicant and dependants: £1,191
  26. Innovator Founder – main applicant and dependants: £1,486
  27. International Sportsperson (certificate of sponsorship up to 12 months): £298​
  28. International Sportsperson: Ranges from £298 to £827
  29. On-Demand service (Mobile Biometric Enrolment) (per hour): £650
  30. Other visa: £637
  31. Private medical treatment visa – more than 6 months but not more than 11 months: £200
  32. Registered Traveller – Registration of New Documents: £20
  33. Registered Traveller (Adult) – Yearly Subscription: £50
  34. Registered Traveller (Child) – Yearly Subscription: £24
  35. Representative of an overseas business: £719
  36. Representative of an overseas business: £827
  37. Route to Settlement – other dependant relative: £3,250
  38. Route to Settlement – refugee dependant relative: £404
  39. Route to Settlement: £1,846
  40. Scale-up: £822
  41. Short term student studying English language (more than 6 months but not more than 11 months): £200
  42. Single-entry visa to replace a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP): £154
  43. Skilled Worker – Health and Care Visa (over 3 years): £551
  44. Skilled Worker – Health and Care Visa (up to 3 years): £284
  45. Skilled Worker – Shortage Occupation – Health and Care Visa (over 3 years): £551
  46. Skilled Worker – Shortage Occupation – Health and Care Visa (up to 3 years): £284
  47. Skilled Worker – shortage occupation (up to 3 years): £551
  48. Skilled Worker (certificate of sponsorship over 3 years): £1,420
  49. Skilled worker (certificate of sponsorship up to 3 years): £719
  50. Skilled Worker, shortage occupation (over 3 years): £1,084
  51. Start-up – main applicant and dependants: £435
  52. Start-up – main applicant and dependants: £584
  53. Student – main applicant and dependants: £490
  54. Super Priority service: £1000
  55. T2 Minister of Religion – main applicant and dependants: £719
  56. T2 Minister of Religion: £827
  57. Temporary Work – Various categories: £298
  58. Temporary Worker – Various categories: £298
  59. Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) – dependants only: £1,191
  60. Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) – dependants only: £716
  61. Tier 1 (Investor) – main applicant and dependants: £1,884
  62. Transfer of Conditions (Vignette Transfer) application made overseas: £154
  63. Transit visa (direct airside transit): £35
  64. Transit visit visa (landside transit): £64
  65. Various premium services provided by immigration officers: Ranges from £0.80 to £1.23 per minute based on the officer’s rank and whether it’s inside or outside office hours.
  66. Various Skilled Worker categories: Ranges from £284 to £1,500
  67. Various Tier 1 categories: Ranges from £716 to £1,884
  68. Visa for joining a ship or aircraft as a member of the crew: £64
  69. Visit visa – long up to 10 years: £963
  70. Visit visa – long up to 2 years: £400
  71. Visit visa – long up to 5 years: £771
  72. Visit visa – short up to 6 months: £115
  73. Visiting academic – more than 6 months but no more than 12 months: £200

Visa Processing Times

Updated Information on Visa Processing Times for Different Types of UK Visas

The page from UK Visa Pro provides valuable insights into the processing times for different UK visa categories, which is a crucial aspect for applicants to consider. However, it’s important to note that the specific page on UK visa fees doesn’t directly provide detailed information about processing times for various visa categories. Instead, it focuses on the fees associated with different types of UK visas.

For applicants seeking information on UK Visa Processing Times, it would be more relevant to explore other sections of the UK Visa Pro website or official UK government sources. These sources typically offer detailed guidance on the expected time frames for processing various visa applications, which can vary depending on the type of visa, the applicant’s circumstances, and the volume of applications being processed.

Understanding the processing times is essential for planning your travel and stay in the UK. It helps in setting realistic expectations and preparing for any delays that might occur. Applicants are advised to regularly check for the most current information on processing times to ensure they have the latest updates, as these time frames can change based on several factors, including policy changes and application volumes.

Visa Processing Times

Navigating the intricacies of UK visa processing times can be a complex affair, especially for those applying from outside the UK. Here’s a comprehensive exploration of the various categories and their corresponding processing durations, which should serve as an essential guide for applicants to plan their applications accordingly.

Starting the Process

The processing of your visa application commences when you either use the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check’ app to verify your identity and submit your documents and application online, or when you attend an appointment at a Visa Application Centre (VAC) to provide your biometric information. In the USA, the processing time begins when VFS receives your application after you’ve provided your biometrics at either a USCIS Application Support Center or a VFS premium Application Centre.

Understanding Processing Times

The times listed are measured against the UK’s customer service standards and are subject to change based on the volume of applications received. These are the current standard processing times for various visa categories:

  • Visit Visas:
    • Standard Visitor, Permitted Paid Engagement, Marriage Visitor, Chinese tour group, Transit: Approximately 3 weeks
  • Study Visas:
    • Student, Child Student, Short-term student (for 6 to 11-month English language courses): Around 3 weeks
  • Family Visas:
    • Partner or spouse, Parent, Child, Adult coming to be cared for by a relative: Generally 24 weeks
    • Homes for Ukraine, Ukraine Family Scheme: Processed as quickly as possible
  • Work Visas:
    • Skilled Worker, Health and Care Worker: Roughly 3 weeks
  • Temporary Work Visas:
    • Government Authorised Exchange, Charity Worker, Creative Worker, International Agreement, Seasonal Worker, Religious Worker: About 3 weeks
  • Work Visas without a Job Offer:
    • Global Talent, Youth Mobility Scheme, India Young Professionals Scheme visa, UK Ancestry, High Potential Individual (HPI): Typically 3 weeks
  • Business Start-Up Visas:
    • Innovator Founder, Start-up: Usually 3 weeks
  • Work Visas for an Overseas Employer:
    • Overseas Domestic Worker, Graduate Trainee, Secondment Worker, Senior or Specialist Worker, Representative of an Overseas Business, Service Supplier, UK Expansion Worker: Estimated at 3 weeks
  • Other Visas and Permits:
    • British National (Overseas): About 12 weeks
    • International Sportsperson, Minister of Religion, Scale-up Worker: Approximately 3 weeks


Potential Delays

It’s crucial to note that your visa application may take longer if the information provided is not accurate, requires additional evidence or verification, if you need to attend an interview, or due to increased visa demand.

This information, last updated on 8 September 2023, is essential for applicants to plan their visa applications and anticipate the time it may take to receive a decision


Q1: What factors influence the cost of a UK visa?

A: The cost is influenced by the visa type, duration, and whether the application is made from within or outside the UK.

Q2: Are there additional costs apart from the visa application fee?

A: Yes, there could be costs for health surcharge, biometrics, translations, and legal assistance.

Q3: Is the visa fee refundable if my application is rejected?

A: Typically, visa fees are non-refundable regardless of the decision.

Q4: Can visa fees change over time?

A: Yes, visa fees are subject to change, usually updated annually.

Q5: How can I pay the UK visa fee?

A: Visa fees can be paid online, or at a visa application centre.

Q6: Do dependents need to pay separate visa fees?

A: Yes, each dependent usually needs to pay a separate visa fee.

Q7: Are there discounts or waivers available for visa fees?

A: Some categories of applicants may get discounts or waivers, like certain Commonwealth citizens. But this is rare. 

Q8: Does the duration of stay affect the visa fee?

A: Yes, longer stays often have higher visa fees.

Q9: Are premium services available for faster processing?

A: Yes, at an additional cost.

Q10: What are the fees for premium processing services?

A: The fees vary, and specific amounts can be found on the UK government’s official website.

Q11: Can I extend my visa, and will there be a fee?

A: Yes, visas can often be extended for a fee.

Q12: Is the health surcharge included in the visa fee?

A: No, it’s usually an additional cost.

Q13: Are there any circumstances under which I can get a refund on my visa fee?

A: Refund policies may vary, and specific scenarios are outlined on the UK government’s visa website.

Q14: How are visa fees for UK overseas territories determined?

A: They are often set by the respective territory’s government.

Q15: Are there any additional fees for urgent visa processing?

A: Yes, expedited or priority services come with additional fees.

Q16: What does the visa fee cover?

A: It covers the administrative cost of processing the visa application.

Q17: Do I have to pay the visa fee again if I reapply?

A: Yes, each application requires a new fee.

Q18: Can I pay the visa fee in a currency other than GBP?

A: Payment methods may vary and it’s advisable to check the latest guidelines.

Q19: Are there any other fees associated with visa applications?

A: Yes, there could be fees for translations, legal assistance, and document verification.

Q20: Where can I find the most updated information on visa fees?

A: The latest fee information is available on the UK government’s official visa website.

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